Pictures of Lyme Disease

Tick Bite Symptoms

Tick Bite Itch
Tick Bite Itch

Photograph Of Tick Bite Small
What Does A Tick Bite Look Like
What Does A Tick Bite Look Like

Tick Bite Image Small
Tick Life Cycle
Tick Life Cycle

Lymes Disease In Humans Small

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Tina lewis says:


norma matthews says:

this was very helpful ticks are real bad this year theres a girl i no that has been bit about 12 times this year 2014

edgar says:

I found a tick on my arm two years ago while I was hunting for deer.I think it was there for a couple of days.I think we got all of it out.I just noticed a bullseye like rash with a small bump in the middle. it do hurt to the touch should I be weried.

Tonya says:

Were you ever diagnosed with Lyme disease? I had a very similar rash/bite, whatever it was and have been sick ever since. However, can't even discuss Lyme with local doctors and not sure what to do or where to go. Are you better?

alex clayton says:

my tick bite looks very similar very dark almost like a small hickey and a faint white ring around it not to mention really really soar.. im just kinda nervous if its a lyme disease bite

pearce says:

my hand looks just like this one does and i was told it may be limes disease. is this the same as other lyme diseases? how do you get rig of this and how did so many outbreaks occur? I'm very irrarable and drained of energy! no patience, concentration is gone, head and muscle pains, vision decreasing, balance, bowel syndrome, cramps, and just restlessness! What do i do? please help me, thanks, pearce ps please call or text any info due to my email being business

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